December 12 - 16


Dec. 12 - The birth celebration for the son of one of Massamba's friends... The women were coiffed in glorious bright-colored African garb, some headresses, many sculpted and braided hair styles. Zeke from Baaba Maal's band brought his group of drummers to play. The women took turns alone or in pairs to dance for the drummers' intricate patterns that even the WR guys were having trouble figuring out. Can you tell we were outside under a tent? Inside their apartment, the family greeted friends, family, and dignitaries (Baaba Maal came to pay his respects, causing a great stir). A crowded, joyous event to behold.

Dec. 14 - Here we are in the recording studio, recording "Tama Doctor." Can you hear, "Massamba Diop, Tama Doctor, the marabou of marabous... gila wana puti, do what you come here to do."

Dec. 14 - Tony, practicing with Tim, Steve, Massamba and Massamba's brother, Assan, before the recording session. When Massamba and Assan play their tamas, they can play tonal harmonies as exact as we can on a keyboard.

Dec. 15 - Taping the TV show, "Groove Connection," hosted by Khalil Gueye of the American Cultural Society. It will be broadcast soon on the national TV station in Senegal.

Dec. 15 - The Gokh-Bi System, Senegalese rappers. These teenage musicians came over tonight and jammed with Tony and the band. Tony taped the session so you'll be able to hear the group on the World Rhythms' next CD. They told us they write and play their music to help kids all over the world and to bring peace to all people.

Dec. 16 - Back to the States. Tim's family greets him in NY. We all hope this trip was just the beginning of an ongoing exchange of many groups of musicians from many cultures, working together to bring the world closer together in peace and compassion.

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