December 2 - 5


Dec. 3 - Here we are eating our first meal at Massamba's house. It was an incredibly delicious rice and fish dish. (djeboudjenne in Wolof) Yes, we can eat with spoons or our hands. At dinner (hangne in Wolof) last night, though, they took the forks away and told us, "You're family now, use your fingers." (in the picture: from right - Nathan, Tony, Steve, Ron, and Christine)

Dec. 3 - We were just sitting here in the living room after breakfast (ndeckii in Wolof), updating our site here, when in came all these wonderful neighbors, playing xalam, djembe, and tama. They are teaching us to dance, too! Gotta go, I want to dance, too. (in the picture: Abdou M'Benque, Modou Seck, Ousseynou Dieng, and Nancy)

Dec. 5 - Our visit to ENDA, the French school... Their teacher, Ousseynou Dieng, lives downstairs from Massamba. He invited us to come visit today. We gathered up over 100 dancing and singing kids just on our walk there! Then the World Rhythms guys and one of our new friends, Modou Seck, strode into the classroom playing. The student's smiles lit up the room, and it wasn't long before they were all dancing around the classroom. (More later in an interview with Professor Dieng)

Dec. 5 - The kids are giving Tim lessons in speaking Wolof (gnidaniil jangue Wolof). We're all trying really hard to learn so we can talk to the people here. Right now Assane Seck is with me filling in the Wolof words above. He lives in GuinawRail.

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