Tim Moran - Memories
On Friday we finally got to perform in Senegal. Baaba Maal invited us to play a set on a dance gig with his band. We arrived at the venue in total darkness and, since the power was turned off, proceded to set up in total darkness. After a while the lights came on, we checked the sound, and settled in for a meal of shish-ke-bob and eggrolls washed down with Fanta and Coke. Baaba Maal's first set got everybody in our gang up dancing and in a good mood. Then we took the stage and played a pretty good set, with Massamba cranking it out on tama drum and, on the last song, Baayo, from Baaba Maal's group, joining in on saxophone. As we left the stage, Bayo said something to me about now I should play with him. As I was getting ready to pack up and Baaba's group was retuning, he motioned for me to come up on stage. So there I was, sitting in with Baaba Maal in Dakar! What a thrill and a personal triumph for me. There was so much energy up there on that stage. Afterwards Baayo and I exchanged phone numbers and addresses, adding to the international brotherhood of sax players.