December 12 - 16

Dec. - 12: Tama Doctor!

Massamba relaxing after breakfast, putting the finishing touches on one of his world class tama drums.

Dec. - 13: Tony and Steve practicing on the porch while the neighbors nod their heads, "Yes, yes."

Dec. - 14: Five times a day,we could hear the muezzins from the mosque call the faithful to prayer. The first call was before 5:00 am, even before the roosters began to crow. Sometimes we could hear a whole service including highly spirited group songs between midnight and 2:00 am.

Dec. - 15: Steve stands in front of a beautifully crafted mural on the grounds of the TV studio.

Dec. - 16: World Rhthyms and friends say farewell to Dakar. Thanks for the memories, the care, the open welcome, the great music and dance, the excitement, and the many great laughs. We'll be looking forward to returning soon to visit and work with our new friends again. Jamm ag jamm - peace to all of you.

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