December 6 - 8

Dec. 6 - We walked to the beach from Massamba's house. Right away the kids joined us playing frisbee and jumping in the waves. Here we were building sand castles with the kids. The brown spots here are seeds from a tree at the edge of the beach right next to the prickly pear cactus. The kids were biting the fruit of the cactus to turn their tongues red, just for fun.

Dec. 6 - In the background is Goree Island. After we swam, a bunch of kids gathered around Debby and showed her their games - little chants and hand and feet patterns. She sang and danced along. Many smiles, many hugs.

Steve and Nancy built a human sand castle with the kids - big laughs.

Dec. 7 - Girl wearing D.A.R.E. (to say "no" to drugs) t-shirt and carrying large bundle on her head. She's walking down the sandy, dusty road in the village, passing a goat and a child rolling a hoop down the street. She was too shy to have her photograph taken, so just close your eyes and imagine.

Dec. 7 - Near the local marketplace, men carve out the center of logs with an adze, the first step in making djembe drums.



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